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» The Economy and Pet Care, December 2008

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What impact has the recent economic downturn had on your business in 2008? How will it impact your revenues in 2009? Will the outcome of the presidential election make a material difference in pet owner attitudes and their purchasing behavior?

If you market products or services to pet owners or companion animal veterinarians, those questions can be answered by a comprehensive study from Brakke Consulting, Inc. The study involves 1,500 interviews with pet owners and up to 400 with veterinarians.

There are 10 specific product and service categories included in the survey: Pet food (both well pet and therapeutic), treats, supplements, medications such as pain management, flea, tick and heartworm control, equipment (collars, feeding, bedding), toys/accessories/gifts, boarding, pet insurance and veterinary services.

The Economy and Pet Care is an invaluable tool for marketers to sort out the impact of the economic environment v. sales and marketing efforts, and to calibrate plans and resource allocation for 2009.

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