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» Pet Dental Market Syndicated Report, January 2015

A comprehensive new study of the pet dental market has been published by Brakke Consulting and Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health.

“Pet Dental Market Syndicated Report” quantifies pet owners’ awareness of the need for pet dental care, as well as their purchases of dental products and services in both the professional and OTC channels.  The study also analyzes the role of dental care products and services in veterinary practice.

According to the study, while dental care is a major business development focus of veterinarians, there is a significant communications gap to bridge with pet owners.  Pet owner are not adequately aware of the need for dental care nor care that veterinarians provide.

The 116-page study is based on nationally representative surveys of both pet owners and veterinarians. 

For more information, contact project manager John Volk, Brakke, (773) 327-4941; or

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