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With deep insights into nearly every animal health product or service category, Brakke consultants can design highly actionable custom market research studies for your organization.  

First, Brakke helps you identify the core information or data that is most essential to your decision-making.  Then we design a qualitative or quantitative study to develop that information.  We have extensive experience in conducting both primary and secondary market research in the veterinary market, as well as with pet owners and livestock producers. Our market research capabilities include online and telephone surveys as well as in-depth focus groups to gather the information you need.

A Brakke market research report not only generates unique data, it also delivers a high degree of context and perspective to help you fully understand and act on the information.

Some of our proprietary market research assignments have included:

  • Market potential and pricing alternatives for a new companion animal therapeutic product
  • Customer satisfaction survey for a small animal veterinary product
  • Product liability assessment for an OTC pet product
  • Benchmarking studies for multiple animal health and petfood companies
  • Market potential for new livestock odor control technology
  • Customer evaluation of technical services division

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