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Animal Health News & Notes for March 9, 2007 3/9/2007

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Animal Health News & Notes for March 9, 2007
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> Teva announced revenues of $180 million in its animal health operations in 2006, with its Israeli Abic division contributing $28.7 million to the total.  The animal health revenue of Teva grew from $25 million the previous year following the acquisition of Ivax, the parent company of IVX Animal Health. (Animal Pharm)
> Digital Angel Corporation announced financial results for its full year 2006. For the 2006 full year revenue was $57.0 million and the loss from continuing operations was ($6.8 million) compared to revenue of $56.8 million and a loss from continuing operations of ($9.5 million) for the 2005 full year. Full year 2006 Animal Applications revenue was up $2.1 million, or 5.8%, reflecting an increase in livestock and companion pet sales. (company website)
> KMG Chemicals, Inc. announced unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended January 31, 2007.  Animal Health sales were $2.1 million in the second quarter, up significantly from $312,000 in the same period of last year, due primarily to the February 2006 acquisition of the US-based animal insecticide business of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. (Business wire)
> Animal Health International, Inc. announced that net sales increased 8.6% to $170 million for the three months ended December 31, 2006, from $157 million for the same quarter last year. Net sales increased 11.1% to $316 million for the six months ended December 31, 2006, from $285 million for the same period last year. (PrimeNewswire)
> Akzo Nobel NV announced it has begun the process to list its Organon life sciences business, which includes Organon and Intervet, on Euronext Amsterdam.  Akzo Nobel said it plans to proceed with the initial public offering of shares of OBS and plans to list these shares before the end of March, subject to market conditions. (AP)
> IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announced that it has acquired all of the outstanding shares of Vita-Tech Canada Inc.  Based in Toronto, and with additional operations in Montreal, Vita-Tech is the largest provider of reference laboratory testing services to veterinarians in Canada. IDEXX expects that the acquisition will increase its 2007 revenue by approximately $15 - 17 million. Financial terms were not disclosed. (PRNewswire)
> Central Garden & Pet announced that their Wellmark International and Farnam Companies divisions have been combined to become Central Life Sciences. (company press release)
>  Pala-Tech Laboratories, Inc. announced the introduction of Vitamin K1 Chewable Tablets for dogs and cats receiving home treatment for hypoprothrombinemia. The tablets are available in 25 mg and 50 mg strengths, and are formulated with a proprietary and highly palatable roast beef and liver flavor that dogs and cats readily consume as a treat or the tablet can be crumbled over the pet’s food. (company press release)
> Adisseo announced it has acquired Rhodia's sulphur and regeneration products business unit. The company said the initiative strengthens its role in the worldwide methionine market by providing for the strengthening of its industrial production capability and adds new value-creating activity. Rhodia's business unit reported annual sales of $62 million in 2005. (Feedstuffs online)
> Cargill officials announced that the company's US operations will join the Chicago Climate Exchange, which means it will pledge to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions by 1% annually. If the company cannot keep that promise, it will be obligated to purchase emission credits as part of a trading process that provides financial rewards for reducing emissions and a penalty for failing to do so. (Meating Place) 
> XY Technology Inc. announced the birth of the world's first dogs to have their sex selected prior to conception via cutting-edge cell-sorting technology. The black Labrador pups, three female and two male, join a long line of animal species XY Inc. has demonstrated can be successfully artificially inseminated with sex-sorted sperm to achieve the desired outcome: female or male offspring. Cattle, horses and sheep have benefited from this technology, which also has been successful in elk, domestic cats, the bottle-nosed dolphin and the Mediterranean water buffalo. (PRNewswire)
> Healthy Pet announced that it has acquired six veterinary hospitals in the New England area over the last several months.  The new members of the Healthy Pet family are in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Healthy Pet now owns 44 veterinary hospitals located from Vermont to Florida on the East Coast. (PRNewswire)
> CANADA - BSE CONFIRMATION   The Canadian government has confirmed that its latest case of BSE was in an Alberta bull born in 2000; well beyond the 1997 implementation of Canada's feed ban, and well beyond March 1, 1999, the date after which the Canadian feed ban was previously hoped to have become effective. (CattleNetwork)
> US - VETERINARY LEGISLATION  The Veterinary Public Health Workforce Expansion Act was introduced in the US Senate.  The Act would create a new competitive grant program for capital improvements to allow veterinary medical colleges to expand their training programs for public health professionals to address the shortage of veterinarians in the public health sector. The Act will build infrastructure, research laboratories and classroom space to provide training for veterinary students in public health, food safety, infectious diseases, global health and environmental quality. (Greeley Tribune)
> US - ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE IN POULTRY   Research by a team of University of Georgia scientists suggests that curbing the use of antibiotics on poultry farms will do little, if anything, to reduce rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have the potential to threaten human health. The researchers found that chickens raised on antibiotic-free farms, and even those raised under pristine laboratory conditions, have high levels of bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics. The findings, published in the March issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, suggest that poultry come to the farm harboring resistant bacteria, possibly acquired as they were developing in their eggs. (Meating Place)
> US - DAIRY CO-OP GOING BST-FREE   California Dairies, the Central Valley dairy co-op that produces 4 of every 10 glasses of milk drunk by Californians, is phasing out the use of rBST.  Despite evidence that the rBST hormone doesn't harm humans, California Dairies Inc. said its biggest customers such as Vons and Safeway didn't want it in the cows. Other large players in the dairy industry such as Oregon's Tillamook County Creamery Assn. and Dean Foods Co. have also pledged to stop using rBST. (LA Times)
2007 AFIA Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference and Spring Forum
March 12-16, 2007
San Antonio, Texas
American Feed Industry Association, the animal feed, pet food and ingredient industry’s leading trade association is hosting Spring Forum 2007. The event, which is being held in conjunction with the Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference, will bring together hundreds of leaders throughout the industry for a week of activities.
For more information or to register, visit the AFIA website at
There was a limited amount of news to report on this week.  It appears that many of you are either on spring break or getting ready to go on spring break!!  Or you could still be trying to recover from the attendance at the various industry meetings that occur early in every new year.  I know that I’m just finally starting to get my arms around numerous items I've promised to handle. 
I would like to mention that it is NOT TOO LATE to register for the 2007 Purchasing and Feed Ingredient Conference that is being held in San Antonio next week.  They have several impressive speakers that will be covering topics such as the “Current Farm Bill”, “Alternative Fuels and the Impact on the Feed Industry” and several other timely market topics for those managers needing a glimpse into the future.  It’s always a great meeting and the weather in San Antonio will be nice for those of you coming out of the Midwest or Northeast. 
Have a Great Weekend and Spring Break!!
Ron Brakke
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