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Animal Health News & Notes for April 10, 2009 4/10/2009

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Brakke Consulting's
Animal Health News & Notes for April 10, 2009
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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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Piedmont Pharmaceuticals
> Aribex, Inc. announced the launch of the NOMAD Pro Veterinary handheld x-ray system. The NOMAD Pro is optimized for veterinary dental use and weighs only 5.5 pounds. It features a color LCD screen and easy-to-use icon-driven settings. The device has also been found effective for small animal, limbs and extremities, exotics, and equine use. (company press release)
> Piedmont Pharmaceuticals LLC announced it has successfully raised $5 million in equity financing led by CM Capital Investments. The equity funding will augment product revenue to allow Piedmont to focus on developing its companion animal health pipeline. (company press release) 
> UK   Genitrix announced the UK launch of a new water-based treatment for the control of plaque in cats and dogs.  Dentagen Aqua is a palatable liquid which is added daily to drinking water. It contains a plant extract called RF2 which inhibits the formation of plaque without harming beneficial bacteria in the mouth. (Animal Pharm) 
> US - LOW-PATHOGENIC AVIAN INFLUENZA   Kentucky state and federal authorities are investigating a finding of suspected non-pathogenic or low-pathogenic avian influenza in a single broiler/breeder poultry farm in western Kentucky. The strain poses minimal risk to human health and is not the high-pathogenic strain associated with human and poultry deaths in other countries. The farm has been quarantined. Owner Perdue plans to depopulate 20,000 chickens in two houses on the farm. (lex18.com)
> US - BSE FINAL RULE DELAYED  The FDA announced a proposed delay in the implementation of the final rule entitled, "Substances Prohibited from Use in Animal Food or Feed" more commonly referred to as the 2008 BSE final rule. The final rule, which would have gone into effect on April 27, 2009, is proposed to be delayed 60 days to June 26, 2009. The agency is taking this action in response to comments from affected parties expressing concerns about their ability to fully comply with the rule by the April 27, 2009 effective date. In addition, some affected parties are finding it difficult to identify appropriate alternate ways of disposing of material that may no longer be rendered for animal feed use once the rule takes effect. (CVM)
> US - AVIAN INFLUENZA TESTS  Two new tests for avian influenza in breeding and commercial poultry have been approved by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), raising the total number of tests available to four. The tests approved are a real time reverse transcriptase/polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR) assay and a type A influenza antigen capture immunoassay (ACIA). Positive results will continue to be confirmed by federal reference laboratories, while the official determination of a flock as positive for the H5 or H7 subtypes of avian influenza can only be made by APHIS’ National Veterinary Services Laboratories. (Animal Pharm)
We should start reporting the first quarter results for some companies in next week's newsletter.  It will be interesting to see how the animal health market is responding to the generally negative aspects of the economy.  We hear many diverse opinions.  Soon we'll see what the numbers say!
We wish all of our subscribers an enjoyable and safe Easter Weekend!
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