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Animal Health News & Notes for October 31, 2008 10/31/2008

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Brakke Consulting's
Animal Health News & Notes for October 31, 2008

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New Study: The Economy and Pet Care
Today is the deadline to receive a $500 discount for early orders on Brakke Consulting's comprehensive new study, The Economy and Pet Care.
The study addresses such issues as: What impact has the recent economic downturn had on pet care expenditures in 2008? How will the economy impact pet owners' and veterinarians' expenditures in 2009? Will the outcome of the presidential election make a material difference in pet owner attitudes and purchasing behavior?
Product and service categories included: Pet food, treats, supplements, medications, flea, tick and heartworm control, equipment, toys/accessories/gifts, boarding, pet insurance and veterinary services.
The study will be published in December 2008. Upon publication, the price of the study is $5,995. Orders received by midnight today, Friday, Oct. 31, and paid within 30 days receive a $500 early order discount.
For more information or to order the study, contact John Volk, senior consultant, jvolk@brakkeconsulting.com , (773)327-4941.
> Bayer reported results for the third quarter of 2008. The  Animal Health Division increased 1% to EUR 238 million ($344 million), an 8% increase on a currency  adjusted basis.  The division benefited from the particularly strong performance of the flea control product Advantage. (company website)
> Alpharma Inc. announced results for the third quarter 2008. Animal Health revenues increased 3% to $94 million. The year-over-year effects of currency favorably impacted third quarter 2008 revenues by approximately $1.2 million. (company press release) 
> Abaxis, Inc. reported financial results for the fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2008. Veterinary market revenues were $19.9 million, an increase of 11% compared to the comparable period in the prior year. (company press release)
> Colgate-Palmolive Company announced results for the third quarter of 2008. Sales at Hill's Pet Nutrition grew 13% to $524 million during the quarter on a unit volume decrease of 4%. (company press release)  
> Biopure Corporation announced its financial results for the third fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2008. Sales of the company's veterinary product Oxyglobin totaled $643,000 versus $470,000 in the third quarter of 2007, resulting from higher unit sales. (company website) 
> Vivalis announced 2008 third-quarter revenue of EUR 2.7 million ($3.9 million) as of September 30, 2008. (company press release)
> Maple Leaf Foods Inc. posted net loss of (C$12.9 million) (US$12.4 million) in the quarter ended Sept. 30, compared with a profit of C$220 million in the same quarter in 2007, largely on the recall of hundreds of meat products linked to an outbreak of listeriosis. Sales in the third quarter increased slightly to C$1.34 billion (US$1.29 billion) from C$1.30 billion a year ago. (Meating Place)
> Pfizer announced that the FDA has approved a new animal drug application (NADA) for Excenel RTU EZ (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension. The approved NADA provides for the veterinary prescription use of Excenel RTU EZ for the treatment of various bacterial infections in swine and cattle.  (FDA Veterinarian)
> Danisco A/S announced an agreement to acquire Agtech Products Inc.  The company reported that the acquisition will add Agtech's microbial technologies to Danisco's existing portfolio of feed enzymes and betaine.  Financial terms were not disclosed. (Feedstuffs)  
> The FDA amended the regulations for food additives permitted in feed and drinking water of animals to provide for the safe use of methyl esters of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a source of fatty acids in swine diets. This action is in response to a food additive petition filed by BASF Corp. (Feedstuffs)
> A law firm has filed a class action suit against Pilgrim's Pride Corp. on behalf of shareholders who bought the company's stock during the period between May 5 and Sept. 24, 2008. The lawsuit alleges that during this period, the company misrepresented its financial condition and concealed how its capital problems would affect its business, withholding crucial information before a September press release that would have affected stock purchasing decisions. (Meating Place)
> PetWave announced the launch of PetWave.com, a pet care website combining a comprehensive pet health library based on today's veterinary care standards with a full-featured suite of community and pet health management tools. (MarketWatch) 
> CANADA   Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. announced that Econiche, the world’s first vaccine designed to reduce the shedding by cattle of Escherichia coli (E. coli) O157:H7, has received full licensing approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Econiche is now available for unrestricted use by Canadian cattle producers and their veterinarians. (company website)  
> UK   Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launched a new broad-spectrum mastitis antibiotic in the UK, combining the active ingredients cefalexin and kanamycin. The product, called Ubrolexin, is expected to combat all major mastitis pathogens. The recommended treatment regime for Ubrolexin is one daily dose for two days. (Animal Pharm)  
> EUROPE   Shareholders at Campofrio Alimentacion S.A. and Groupe Smithfield Holdings S.L. approved a merger of the two companies, creating the largest processed meats company in Europe and the fifth-largest processed meats producer in the world. The deal is a stock transaction in which Campofrio will issue 49.577 million shares of the company's stock to Groupe Smithfield. The merged company will be called Campofrio Food Group S.A. and will be headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Following the transaction, Smithfield will hold 37% of the new company and will be the majority owner. (Feedstuffs) 
> US - AVIAN INFLUENZA FUNDING  Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky announced that the US will provide an additional $320 million for the global fight against avian influenza.  The US pledge brings to about $950 million Washington's total contribution to fight avian influenza. (AnimalNet - VOA News)
> BRAZIL - SOFTWARE   A team of Brazilian scientists from Universidade Estadual de Campinas, São Paulo, has developed software to help farmers concerned about the well-being of their livestock. The program interprets the noises made by the animals to determine whether they are feeling cold, hungry or stressed. The results of the software were validated in a commercial pig farm in the state of São Paulo, and team is also testing the software with cattle and poultry. (Animal Pharm)
> US - CANINE OPHTHALMIC TREATMENT   A researcher at Iowa State University is testing a new way of treating canine eye disorders that could be more effective than using eye drops. The research is developing a method of implanting a biodegradable material into the tissue surrounding the eye, where it slowly releases medicine over the course of a year. The implant, which is inserted in the dog's conjunctiva under local anesthetic, is made of a polymer developed by the Israeli company Nicast. (Animal Pharm)
I've become a poll junkie. During this campaign season, I check websites like fivethirtyeight.com and realclearpolitics.com two or three times a day. But what is basically entertainment for me is critical decision-making data that the political candidates use to manage their campaign strategies on a day-to-day basis.
You need solid decision-making information for your business as well, and Brakke Consulting is committed to providing it. Three important new studies are in the field this fall: The annual Flea, Tick and Heartworm Market Study, the biennial Sales Force Effectiveness Study, and our new Economy and Pet Care Study. The Economy Study specifically measures the likely impact of the current economic turmoil on purchases of pet products and veterinary services this year and next. Each of these studies can provide valuable insights to help you develop winning strategies for your company in 2009.
To learn more about these and other recently completed studies, visit the market research section of our website at www.brakkeconsulting.com or contact us at 972.243.4033 or info@brakkeconsulting.com. We also welcome your ideas for new studies you'd like to see conducted.
Have a great weekend. And please vote on Nov. 4.
John Volk
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