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Animal Health News & Notes for May 2, 2008 5/2/2008

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Brakke Consulting's
Animal Health News & Notes for May 2, 2008
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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats - 2008
Pain management is one of the leading topics in veterinary medicine today. While pain management products for dogs and cats represented a minor part of the pharmaceuticals market little more than a decade ago, they now represent a substantial market segment with potential still to be tapped. 
Brakke Consulting's annual report on Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats includes such valuable information as:
  - overview of acute and chronic pain in small animals
  - review of products currently used to treat pain in dogs and cats
  - estimates of US sales and prices of leading pain management products
  - pain management products in development
  - new pain management products
  - review of nutritional supplements used for chronic pain
  - review of therapeutic diets for joint care
  - 2008 survey of small animal veterinarians regarding use of pain management products
Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats 2008 is now available for a purchase price of $5,500. Questions about the study can be answered by project manager Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA at 972-243-4033, or email Lfondon@brakkeconsulting.com
> Colgate-Palmolive Company announced results for the first quarter of 2008.  Sales for Hill's Pet Nutrition were $503 million, an increase of  16.5% on unit volume increase of 4.0% during the quarter. (company press release)
> ABAXIS, Inc. reported financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.  Veterinary revenue was $71 million for the year, an increase of 11% over previous year.  (PRNewswire)
>  MWI Veterinary Supply Inc. reported results for its fiscal second-quarter ended March 31.  Revenue rose 10.2% to $195 million from $175.1 million in the second quarter of 2007.  Net income grew 19% to $4.4 million, compared with $3.7 million, during the prior-year.  (AP)
> Tyson Foods Inc. reported results for the three months ended March 29, 2008.  Tyson reported a net loss of ($5 million) compared with net earnings of $68 million a year ago. Revenues rose to $6.6 billion in the quarter from $6.5 billion in the year-earlier period. (Meating Place)  
> Bayer announced that the FDA has approved Baytril 100 Injectable Solution for use in swine. Baytril 100 is effective against all four major bacteria that cause swine respiratory disease with just one subcutaneous injection. (company press release) 
> Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. announced EPA registration approval for the broad-spectrum insecticide OxyFly for control of adult flies in livestock, poultry and pet housing areas.  In addition to flies, OxyFly controls other pests including fleas, ticks, litter beetles and cockroaches often found in animal housing and feed storage facilities.  The product is well-suited to a variety of pest control needs associated with dairy, feedlot, swine, poultry, equine and small animal protection. (company press release) 
> Summit VetPharm announced an agreement with Webster Veterinary to distribute Summit's
portfolio of ectoparasiticide products to practicing veterinarians. (PR Newswire)
> Biogal-Galed Labs announced that the USDA has approved the ImmunoComb Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus (FIP) Antibody Test Kit.  The test is a modified ELISA “dot assay” that detects feline enteric coronavirus antibody levels in serum or whole blood. The kit has been available outside the US for several years. Modern Veterinary Therapeutics will market the test in the US. (company press release)
> BrightHeart Veterinary Centers completed an acquisition of Great Lakes Veterinary Specialists (formerly, the Veterinary Referral Clinic), a full-service advanced-care and emergency veterinary hospital in Bedford Heights, Ohio. Financial terms were not disclosed. (dvm Newsmagazine)
> Vetradent, Inc. introduced "China Free Ingredients" stickers to be applied to its Vetradent DC Dental Chews bags by distributors and veterinary hospitals.  (Veterinary Practice News)
> UK   Accura Animal Health Plc announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Tridelta Development Limited, has signed a collaborative agreement with Genitrix Limited for the distribution in the UK of Accura's rapid point of care test for C-Reactive Protein ('CRP'), an Acute Phase Protein, in dogs. (Market Wire) 
> UK   Kruuse announced the UK launch of ByoFresh, a new range of anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal products to help combat the problem of smelly dogs. The ByoFresh range of canine deodorants all contain byotrol, an antimicrobial claimed to provide broad spectrum protection against most common microorganisms. The company has also been appointed the UK distributor for Mark and Chappell's Treat-Ums, a range of palatable products that deliver medicinal and nutritional active ingredients. (Animal Pharm)  
Brakke Consulting is pleased to announce the publication of an all-new report on the US market for small package generic products.  The report is an in-depth look at a part of the market that intrigues many industry participants.  The report includes such information as:
- the origin and evolution of animal health generics
- estimated market size and characteristics
- generics use in large vs. small animals
- profiles of generics manufacturers
The report also includes surveys of several hundred large and small animal veterinarians and producers, probing their understanding and perception of generic products, current and expected future usage.
The report is now available and can be purchased for $8,500. For more information, contact project manager Dr. Lynn Fondon at lfondon@brakkeconsulting.com
> JAPAN - AVIAN INFLUENZA   Japan has detected the avian influenza virus in three dead swans, the nation's first case of the disease in more than a year. The swans, which tested positive for the H5N1 strain of avian influenza, were found in Japan's northern prefecture of Akita on April 21. (Bloomberg)
> US - NEW VETERINARY SPECIALTY   The AVMA Executive Board has granted provisional recognition to the new Exotic Companion Mammal (ECM) specialty, following recommendation from the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) and Council on Education. The new specialty will focus on small mammals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice and other small mammals, commonly known as "pocket pets."  The credentialing and testing of new candidates to the specialty will be overseen by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP), with testing and certification expected to begin in 2009. (MedicalNewsToday)
>  US - PACKER OWNERSHIP BAN DEFEATED   US Senate and House farm bill conferees killed a final attempt to include a ban on packer ownership of livestock during a late night conference session last night. An amendment by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa was defeated by Senate Ag committee conferees on a voice vote. The Senators then quickly adopted language from the House version of the farm bill, which did not include a packer ban. (Feedstuffs)
It’s been a great week at BCI thanks to many of you.  Earlier in the week I was in Kansas City and authorized Advanstar to begin the development and writing of the History of the US Animal Health Industry.  Though we’ve not raised all of the funds necessary to cover the costs of producing the book we have reached a funding level that we’re comfortable with and BCI will underwrite any shortfalls.  We still have a number of individuals and companies that are determining their level of financial participation.  Whether there is additional funding support or not, the project is moving full steam ahead and we hope to have the book completed in approximately one year.
Now the hard work begins, we hope to interview either in person or via phone 40 to 50 individuals that have had a significant impact on the development of the industry where many of us are now employed.  We also need the support of the companies in providing us with whatever history they have of their company that is already documented. We think it is going to be great fun documenting and recording the history of this important industry from the commercial side.  We’re already planning some events where we will have several industry individuals around the table discussing the “good old days”.  Maybe we’ll even discuss the current days of the industry. 
Here is where we could use your assistance.  We’d appreciate receiving from each of you names of individuals that you believe made significant contributions to the development of the industry as we know it today.  We would particularly like the contact information if you have it for these individuals so that we can contact them for interviews and/or other input.  We’d like to make sure that as many individuals as possible are in some way recognized in the final book.
Thanks in advance for all your assistance in making this project a success for the industry.
Have a great weekend!!
Ron Brakke
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