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Animal Health News & Notes for February 15, 2008 2/15/2008

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Brakke Consulting's
Animal Health News & Notes for February 15, 2008

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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Brakke Consulting is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of an all-new report on the US market for small package generic products.  The report will be an in-depth look at a part of the market that intrigues many industry participants.  The report will include such information as:
- the origin and evolution of animal health generics
- estimated market size
- generics use in large vs. small animals
- profiles of generics manufacturers
The report will also include surveys of large and small animal veterinarians and producers, probing their understanding and perception of generic products, current and expected future usage.
The report will be completed in April 2008 and is available for early-order purchase for a price of $7,500 through March 15, 2008.  For more information, contact project manager Dr. Lynn Fondon at lfondon@brakkeconsulting.com
> Schering-Plough Corporation reported financial results for the 2007 fourth quarter and full year. Animal Health sales totaled $507 million in the 2007 fourth quarter, including $217 million related to Intervet from the Organon BioSciences acquisition completed on November 19, 2007.  Animal Health sales for the full year totaled $1.25 billion compared to $910 million in 2006. (company press release)
> Ridley reported results for its fiscal 2008 second quarter ended December 31, 2007.  The company reported revenues of $167 million for the quarter, a 16% increase compared to the comparable period in the prior year. Overall tonnage sales volumes declined by 2%. (company website)  
> Provimi reported results for the full year 2007.  Sales (excluding the discontinued fish feed operations) increased 17% to EUR 1.9 billion ($2.8 billion).  The sales increase was largely due to higher selling prices. (company press release)  
> Eklin Medical Systems announced the company's revenues grew 45% to surpass $35 million for the year ending 2007 compared to the prior year. Both US and international demand for Eklin's open standard imaging and data management systems were credited for spurring the company's growth. (PRNewswire) 
> Pfizer Animal Health announced the launch of Dexdomitor (dexmeditomidine), an improved version of Domitor (medetomidine), in Europe and the US.  Dexdomitor is a racemic sedative/analgesic that can be used in dogs or cats for minor procedures, or in combination with other drugs for deeper anesthesia. (Animal Pharm)  
> Merial announced that Previcox (firocoxib) has received FDA approval to expand its label claim to include the control of postoperative pain and inflammation associated with soft-tissue surgery in dogs. (company website) 
> Schering-Plough Animal Health announced the launch of Ultra Saber, a new pour-on insecticide that controls horn flies on beef cattle and calves.  Ultra Saber is a new type of pour-on insecticide that contains 1% lambdacyhalothrin and 5% piperonyl butoxide, a synergist which improves insecticidal activity. (Cattle Network)
> Summit VetPharm announced the introduction  Vectra for Cats & Kittens and Vectra for Cats.  The products feature a combination of dinotefuran and pyriproxyfen. Vectra for Cats kills adult fleas within 6 hours and controls the development of all flea stages. Vectra for Cats & Kittens and Vectra for Cats are protected with Summit VetPharm’s Bloodhound track & trace technology. (company press release)  
> Neogen Corporation announced the addition of TetraStar dairy antibiotic test for tetracyclines to its line of products developed for the dairy industry.  TetraStar, the quickest test available for tetracycline residues in milk, complements the company’s BetaStar test for the beta-lactam group of dairy antibiotics. (company press release)
> Odyssey Veterinary Software announced the integration of their Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (DIA) client education software and Lifelearn’s client education handouts.  Furthermore, Lifelearn has been granted exclusive distribution rights to DIA throughout Canada. (company press release)  
> US - RESEARCH CENTER   The veterinary school at Texas A&M University has started a fundraising campaign to establish the world's first Institute of Companion Animal Gastroenterology. Officials hope to collect $10 million to endow several research chairs and expand the operations of the university's Gastrointestinal Laboratory, which is already the largest lab of its kind devoted to the stomachs of companion animals. The lab has invented more than a dozen diagnostic tests for various intestinal diseases, and each week it processes about 1400 new samples sent in by veterinarians across the globe. (Pet Nutrition eNews)
>  US - BEEF GRADING   The USDA is testing a video analysis instrument that grades beef carcasses by analyzing a digital video image it takes of the ribeye portion. The goal is for grading to be more uniform, precise and accurate across the country than has proven possible with human graders performing subjective evaluations. The system is being rolled out for commercial testing in four major processing facilities. (Meating Place)
>  US - MEAT CONSUMPTION PROJECTIONS   As rising production costs and export growth drive retail prices higher, US consumers are likely to purchase less meat over the next 10 years, according to USDA's Agricultural Long-Term Projections to 2017. The report projects that per-capita beef consumption will decline by about 5 pounds and pork by about 2 pounds. Poultry consumption will increase by about 2.5 pounds during the same period. (Food Systems Insider)
>  US - DAIRY LABELING   The state of Ohio has enacted temporary rules that allow dairy product labels to include specific language addressing the absence of hormones used to stimulate milk production. The rules are expected to be made permanent.  The language allowed on labels is limited to the statement "from cows not supplemented with rbST" when the statement is verifiable. The labels also have to include, on the same panel and in the same kind and color of type, an FDA disclaimer that says, "No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-supplemented and non-rbST-supplemented cows." (Food Systems Insider)
Animal Agriculture Alliance
7th Annual Stakeholders Summit
Arlington, VA
April 8-9, 2008
Animal Welfare: Building Bridges Across the Food Chain
The Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit is the largest national meeting dedicated to educating, protecting and connecting everyone who relies on meat, milk and eggs for their business, from feed suppliers to livestock farmers to meat processors to restaurants and retailers.  This year's meeting focuses on the animal rights movement's war on animal agriculture, and will provide information and connections you need to help protect yourself, your employees, your business and your community. 
For more information, visit http://www.animalagalliance.org/main/Register.cfm
Earlier in the newsletter you read about the seventh annual Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting.  We encourage every company involved in animal agriculture to have at least one executive at this meeting. It appears that various animal rights groups are garnering over $400 million per year in donations to fund their campaigns.  These groups can and do have a noticeable impact on animal health companies via the often misleading information they provide to consumers. The industry must come together in various forums to counter the activity of animal rights groups.  One of the places we recommend is the Animal Agriculture Alliance.
We'll see many of you next week in Las Vegas at the Western Veterinary Conference.  Bring along some of those extra 2007 profits for use in the gaming industry!
Have a great weekend.
Ron Brakke

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