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» Nutritional Growth Enhancers, November 2003

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This detailed, 65-page report covers products used in animal feed in the enzymes, direct fed microbials, acidifiers and botanicals sectors. The report is an update of the 1997 Brakke Consulting Study that reviewed this growth category. Since our last report, this product category has experienced double-digit growth.

The report includes:

  • an overview of uses and sales by species and global region for each of the segments
  • profiles of the 20 leading companies involved in this category in animal health
  • an outline of the regulatory pathways for products to reach market with government approval
  • summary views of producers on nutritional growth enhancement products

The report is available for immediate shipping. We believe it offers an outstanding value for those companies interested and participating in this growth category of the market place.

For more information, contact project manager Lynn Fondon DVM MBA, at 972.243.4033 or

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