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» US Equine Market, May 2004

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The equine market is often underappreciated as an important part of the animal health market. However, there are over 7 million horses in the US, and their owners are willing to spend money on their health care, to the tune of several hundred million dollars. One of the most explosive new animal health product introductions in the past few years was the launch of Fort Dodge's West Nile Virus vaccine, which has doubled the size of the entire market for equine vaccines in just two years.

Brakke Consulting's new report on the US Equine market is a valuable overview of the market, including information on such topics as:

  • average healthcare spending by owner segment
  • overview of the horse industry
  • distribution channels for equine products
  • profiles of leading equine healthcare companies
  • sales and trends by product category
  • recent product launches
  • hot topics in equine medicine, including compounding of veterinary drugs
  • interviews with participants in the market
  • survey of equine veterinarians

For more information, contact project manager Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA, at 972.243.0433 or

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